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Noordwijk nightlife: clubs, pubs, bars and theatres

Noordwijk is a very nice place to go out in. You can start you're evening in one of the numerous bars, pubs, cafe's or beachclubs. There are some old dutch cafe's called "bruin cafe" with a lot of wood and brass, English pubs or whatever, there's something for everyone. After you're start you can dance in the clubs in Noordwijk or go to the beach and watch the sun go down, dancing in a beachbar.

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Bar Dancing The Grand
De Grent 22
2202 EL Noordwijk
Tel.: 0031(0)71 3618782


Discotheek De Bob
De Grent 14
2202 EL Noordwijk
Tel.: 0031(0)71 3612394


The Champ
Grent 20
2202 EL Noordwijk
Tel.: 0031(0)71 3617680
Tel: 0031(0)71 3611734


The Harbourlights
Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 9
2202 GT Noordwijk
Tel.: 0031(0)71 3617705
Cell: 0031(0)6 4149 8338


Strandpaviljoen Playa Bianca
Zeereep exit 21
2202 NW Noordwijk
Tel.: 0031(0)71 3618629
Cell: 0031(0)6 15524000


t Zeepaardje
De Grent 16- 18
2202 EL Noordwijk
Tel.: 0031(0)71 3615407


Flying Pig Beach Hostel
Parallel Boulevard 208
2202 HT Noordwijk
Tel.: 0031(0)71 3622533


Branding Beach Club
Koningen Astridboulevard 105
2202 BD Noordwijk
Tel.: 0031(0)71 5119494

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